When you suddenly decide to visit the Kraken marketplace and suddenly see that the site is not working, this can cause a storm of negative emotions and a desire to change the marketplace to something else. In order to prevent such situations from happening, the Kraken developers have created a large system of mirrors that are available for entry 24/7. Where to get them? Let's talk about it today.

The developers of the site created mirrors for ensuring the smooth operation of the site. In this case, the site is hosted on multiple servers. This means that every server has a copy of the Kraken, but they all have different addresses. If the server hosting the main mirror is overloaded or attacked, the main site will be unavailable. In this case, the mirror acts as a backup and the marketplace does not lose traffic.

This method is also used to reduce the load on the main site or download acceleration. If the main resource becomes overloaded due to a large number of visitors, some users are redirected to the mirror site. This allows you to maintain the performance of the main Kraken site.

You can always find the correct link to the Kraken marketplace on our website. Do not try to independently look for links on third-party resources and experiment with them. On the darknet, there are many intruders who, through your negligence, can take your data and money. To enter the sites, use the TOR browser and VPN. This is a necessary measure, since all users of suspicious sites bypass blocking using these tools.